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New Custom Home Builders | Oahu, Hawaii

Building a new home in Hawaii, one that is utterly and completely yours, is a dream come true.


Getting there, though, shouldn't be something you look back on years later as a time of aggravation and headaches.

Not every hurdle is in our control, but, as your General Contractor, we can do a lot to minimize your worries.


We give our clients open and honest communication, a commitment to professional workmanship and a dedication to getting your home built on schedule.

Contact us today and we'll show you exactly what we can do to build your new home - the right way. Free Quote, of course.

New House Build In Pearl City

Our clients wanted a home design that fit Hawaii's traditional style.


One that evokes the Plantation homes that bring warm memories of simpler times and pleasures in the Islands.

It still needed modern workmanship and conveniences so the owners had a house that will last and provide everything you'd need and expect in a newly built home.

When we finished it was a truly local home, with an open living space layout inside and an exterior irresistible to Islanders. See for yourself in the slideshow below.


Watch Our Construction Crew Building the Home

See the Pearl City house build in progress - Inside & Out!

What Are Your Options for a New Oahu Home?

Contact us now & we'll answer all your questions about your home build on Oahu. Get a Free Quote, too.

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