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Kahala House Renovation

Oahu Home Remodeling | General Contractor

Renovating your home on Oahu doesn't have to be so difficult or so stressful.


Building Science is built on a proven record of home remodeling delivered on time and exceeding expectations.

We promise you:

  • Quality Workmanship,

  • Open Communication and

  • As little impact on your daily life as possible.

We've done everything from full house renovations that transformed the property to smaller projects that renewed just one area.

You can also see our work in Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Remodeling and Home Additions on those pages as well.

The photos below are just a few examples of what we've done on home remodel projects all over Oahu. Please Take a look and get some ideas.

Contact us today for a consultation and free estimate. We'd be glad to answer any questions you might have, too. Just give us a call - (808) 398-1155!

Home Remodeling in Ko Olina

This Ko Olina house isn't an old one, but the owners wanted a fresh interior, so we got to work on the remodeling.

From new floors to a renovated stairway to installing modern lighting that brought focus to where they and their guests would spend their time together.

In addition, the kitchen was remodeled to give it a friendly, yet elegant look.


There's added counter space for social times or just to make dining together easier when it was just them.

The bathrooms were renovated as well to maximize space and reflect the look of the rest of the home.


Your Oahu Home Remodel Can Start Now

Contact us today about remodeling your home and learn what's possible. Let's hear what you want done and we'll make it happen, just like we have for so many other Oahu homeowners!

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