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Sean McKenzie, Building Science LLC Owner

Sean McKenzie, Owner/RME, Licensed General Contractor

Building Science started with the whole home in mind, especially the people occupying it. 


It was the culmination of a lifetime of building and construction experience with various companies, always focusing on a different component of the business. 


In many ways, Building Science was a return to my first love of working directly with homeowners trying to make their house a home. 


I grew up in the industry & things kind of come naturally to me.


This belief has been groomed and tested through years of training and learning how to appropriately handle changing markets, technology and personalities.


Building homes has increasingly become more intricate and difficult to navigate. 


That is why our slogan for Building Science is Where the Whole House Matters


One of the most important things that Building Science brings to residential construction is an emphasis on the house as a system. 


As houses have become increasingly complicated over the years and so too has the network of specialty trades among which we divvy up construction responsibilities. 


This division of labor makes it difficult for any one person to monitor how everything works (or doesn’t work) together. 


Our approach is to integrate all the layers, systems, and components of a home to work together in harmony. 


Our platform is the whole house with regard to flow, continuity, and performance. 


We may be more of a boutique builder because this market takes a personal touch.  Often there is no one size fits all solution.


For most in the industry, they don’t get to see the end-user, the resident who turns a house into a home!


For a buyer, there’s so much emotion invested, and for most, it’s the single largest investment they will ever make. 


When things go wrong or don’t go as planned, we need to know how to intelligently communicate and adjust. 


I believe that our clients deserve our time and attention. 


No single element could ever be planned with absolute perfection.  A builder’s position is to meddle art and science into one functional result.  

As I stepped away as a frontline manager and into ownership, and began working with clients on their specific needs again, I got the passion and emotion back for the business and has never looked back. 


I truly believe we are servicing our clients directly. 


As much as we have been able to be a part of some amazing projects, I really feel like those we serve are family, and when I get that feedback, it’s pretty satisfying. 


As Building Science has grown, I feel like I am building men more often than not these days, instilling in my team the core values of faith, family, community, and of course, some Aloha. 


My guys are out on the front lines each day deliberately making a difference as a direct extension of me.


Each new day brings opportunities to hear about new projects and convert ideas into reality. 


This often deals with initial design and budgeting to develop practical and realistic outlines for success. 


I am driven by a good challenge to bring the most value to each space we get to create. 


My role is to take ultimate responsibility for every phase of construction and the integrity of our projects. 


There’s a lot to be said for experience and the ability to manage safety, quality, schedules, anticipate problems, manage expectations, suppliers, subcontractors on and off the job site. 


This level of responsibility also incorporates the understanding of all the legal and compliance factors that govern the building industry and construction standards. 

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