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Darryl Geren, Project Manager

Darryl Geren, Project Manager

Around ten years ago, I grew tired of the hustle and bustle of building cookie cutter houses for the military.  The opportunity came up to work for a small startup company with big dreams. 


I liked the idea of building something and presenting the finished project to the people that would be living there, rather than a faceless stranger.


Building Science is a general contractor that offers clients services such as remodels, additions or even new home builds. 


We consider our company to be a little different than your average general contractor by having a more "intimate" experience with our clients. 


What this means is that there is not a chain of higher ups that you only see once then become a phone call or email only contact. 


The people that plan and run your project are the same people, more or less, that are working on your home.

My title at Building Science is Project Manager. 


To be totally honest, I'm not sure that fits my job description but I appreciate the title. 


When I think of a Project Manager, I see a big office with a desk, a receptionist, a drafting table and a bunch of books and project drawings, maybe even a secretary that brings the big guy his morning coffee.


This may be my title for official reasons but on the job and to our clients, I'm simply Darryl.

I am the guy that is responsible for taking the proposal from the boss and the expectations of the client and making sure everyone is happy in the end.  For some weird reason, I really like this role. 


I consider myself to be a people person with the ability to communicate effectively as well as interpret the wants and needs of our clients. 


I am detail oriented and always consider the finished project and how it will make sense once we are gone. 


Throughout the project, I am easily approachable and always keep the lines of communication accessible to our clients.


On the team, I'm a problem solver. 


I have zero reservations claiming that I'm good at dealing with the unexpected.  I am also tasked with securing material for our jobs.  This has become a more difficult task over the last couple of years, for obvious reasons.


However, I have familiarized myself with what products to get from where and have many contacts from distributors on the island. 


I believe that my people skills play a role in the procurement process for our company.  The biggest challenge for me personally is scheduling!  It is vital to our company's success, and I make it a priority to manage it well!  


Keeping a healthy relationship with our subcontractors is key in having them perform in a timely manner. 


I consider our subs an extension of who we are and they are part of our family.  I think our clients would say the same when they see them show up and exceed expectations.

In summary, Building Science is a company where the core values of integrity, innovation, collaboration and respect reside and I feel that I contribute to these core values 100 percent. I take pride not only in the physical work I perform but also the daily activities that make this company what it is. 


I will continue to learn so that I can grow and contribute to our success and we can continue to see smiles on the faces of our satisfied clients.

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