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Building Science Staff
Alma Mendoza, Project Administrator

Alma Mendoza, Project Administrator

For 19 years my field of occupation has mainly been with customer service. The first 8 years I was a Customer Care Coordinator at Gentry Homes and then moved on to corporate owned FedEx as a Lead Coordinator.


After almost 11 years with FedEx, I began to feel broken, rundown and suffocated in a company that does not give opportunities to advance.


Because of that, along with many other reasons, I began to reflect at my better years at Gentry Homes. 


I missed the feeling or sense of team camaraderie and working in an environment that involved genuine 'team work'.


So I began to look for other opportunities and in a somewhat serendipitous way, I received a call and was offered a position to come and work for Building Science LLC as a Project Administrator.

What attracted me the most on making the decision to call Building Science 'my home' had everything to do with the passion Sean has for this business and how much he wants not only his business to thrive but also the people within it. 


Yes, Building Science is a small General Contracting company but we are personable, engaging and intimate with our clients. In other words, we treat them as family. 


In doing so, we uphold ourselves with strong morals and honesty. We take pride in our methods, organizations, and contributions. 

My job is mostly but not limited to the back end of the office.  I support not only management, but the business and the people within it as a whole. 


By monitoring and upkeeping business accounts, budgets, payroll, insurances etc.  Making sure that invoices, vendors and subcontractors are paid. 


Collecting, organizing and maintaining necessary documentation so that business can continue to flow. I am still learning as I go with my role, but I am always ready and open to new challenges. 

As I continue to learn and navigate my role, I will do my best and continue to contribute in Building Science succeeding and flourishing more.

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