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Building Science Staff Photo
Kahi Hirano, Carpenter Apprentice

Kahi Hirano, Carpenter Apprentice

Growing up, I always had an interest in putting things together and seeing something come together before my eyes. I find satisfaction in seeing a finished, tangible product that you put work into. 


I graduated with a degree in business management and marketing and went in a totally different direction back to being that kid with passion and imagination.

After college in Washington, I got a landscape construction job where we built fences, walls, pathways, patios, and pergolas.  And this is where I started to realize maybe the construction field was for me. 


However, I didn’t want to join the union where you specialize in one trade and do the same tasks day after day. When I got to learn more about what Building Science does.  I realized it was an opportunity for me to grow. 


Our team is well rounded with guys who have the knowledge and experience from many years in the industry of various trades.

My journey in this field has just begun and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow.  This team has a tremendous amount of experience across all phases of construction. 


They are teaching me the right way to do things with an emphasis on why we do things the way we do and how we relate to our customers. 


I take a lot of pride in all that I do and each day on the job is an opportunity to express that with quality craftsmanship.

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