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Building Science Staff & Crew
Evan Fogarty, Lead Carpenter

Evan Fogarty, Lead Carpenter

I have been working for Building Science for over ten years. I migrated from a union carpentry job where I performed the same redundant limited daily tasks, to a position where I gained many diverse skills.


For this, I am grateful, and the knowledge I have gained as a result is priceless.


As a result, I have learned from my employment here that communication is always at the forefront of every successful project.


Clear communication is essential with homeowners and crucial to run a project smoothly throughout each build phase.


Clear communication with coworkers is equally fundamental for everyone to understand what is expected. This way, tasks can be completed in an orderly fashion so that everything moves productively and efficiently.


In addition, I have learned throughout my employment here that leading by example is the most effective way to run an efficient and productive job.


The quality of work that goes into each project and being willing to do complex tasks instead of delegating those tasks to others is important to the team.


I have become the benchmark, in everyday qualities such as being on time and setting up for the day in an organized approach and am here to help guide the team to the highest production quality.


I always complete every task I work on with the highest caliber of quality, with results I would expect in my own home. This way, I can ensure pride in my work for myself and the company.

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