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Building Science Staff
Colin Dela Cruz, Lead Carpenter

Colin Dela Cruz, Lead Carpenter

Building Science, where the whole house matters. Is where my 20+ years in the construction industry has given me the opportunity to change lives by turning a house into a home.


Building for me started at a young age. From fabricating and installing marble countertops with family, to joining the military working in aircraft structural.


In the latter years, continuing to strengthen my skills in custom work through metal rain gutters, landscaping, window and door installation.


Finally, joining the carpenter’s union, where metal framing, rough framing, siding, quality control, and working on track homes became more about what a house should be, and less about what it could be.


With Building Science, I get to work directly with the homeowners, finding, fixing, customizing, and building a design that works for them.


I take pride in knowing the homeowners are happier living in a house that I built, that they can call a “home”.


Moreover, I love working for a company who respects, trusts, believes, motivates and encourages every worker. At Building Science, we matter, the homeowner matters, and we build homes where the whole house matters.

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