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Justin Sparks, Renovation Specialist

Justin Sparks, Renovation Specialist

I have been in the building industry my whole life. My father served 22 years in the United States Air Force 823rd Red Horse Squadron (Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operations Repair Squadron Engineers) at Hurlburt Field AFB Florida.


Basically, he built anything the Air Force needed.


During his time off, Dad would often take me on side jobs teaching me the trades. I painted our first house while in elementary (caulking for days I swear!).


Shortly after, I built fences and started doing side jobs for aunties and uncles in high school before I could even drive.


I was installing ceramic tile before my friends knew what ceramic tile was.


Growing up in a military family, I learned how to do things right the first time. “Why waste time if it’s not done correct” my dad would always preach.


Here I am, years later with the same attitude and outlook I was raised with.


Since then, I have developed a keen eye for attention to detail and became a very good problem solver. I enjoy and tend to take on challenges where other people would turn the other way.


I take pride in all that I do. The feeling of grand accomplishment with a satisfied and appreciative client is my driving force!

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