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Building Science Staff
Kama Duvauchelle-Andrade, Carpenter Apprentice

Kama Duvauchelle-Andrade, Carpenter Apprentice

Growing up construction wasn’t a part of my everyday life. It was something I later grew interest in.


Being from the homestead, when we got granted our homestead plot of 2.5 acres, I came to realize who’s going to build our house?


That’s when the seed of interest started to grow. I found a sense of responsibility to make it my mission and got into action.


Leaving the country life and my family of 3 behind when I moved from Molokai to Oahu and joined the union. I figured out quickly the union was all about production with a factory line work style.


This was not teaching me to build a home. That’s when I found Building Science.


I’ve learned a lot from Building Science, the guys are cool and knowledgeable and I’m grateful for it all. I love the idea of working in close contact with the clients and so many concepts that are new to me.


I still have lots to learn, but I’m a fast learner and I come from a hardworking background.


If you use me right, we can smash and get stuff done.


I feel what I bring to the team is size, strength and intelligence. I Love the fast-paced hard work, it keeps me in shape. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll try my best.


What makes me tick is the same thing that got me started, learning how to build a quality home for my family. I get the chance to practice that every day, on each of our projects.

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